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New Confirmation Text Messages

Confirmation text messages will now be sent to the phone number associated with the request. This is in addition to our email confirmation. Both notifications are now available in real time. This is all part of our continuing commitment to your absolute 100% overall satisfaction with our services. The text message will be short with an image attached if one was taken. Be sure to add the contact phone number on every request to get text messages. Remove the contact phone and you will not receive text messages or notifications.

General Note

Every effort will be made to complete your work request on the date selected. Keep in mind, installers do get up to 2 days to complete your request if needed.

Please contact your local office if you have any questions or concerns.


Effective as of January 1, 2018 CA law requires that all solicitation materials used by real estate agents and brokers in CA, must display the licensed real estate professional's DRE number.

Dee Sign Installation is a sign installation service only. We install signs owned by you which are stored in our warehouse facilities. As such, we do not warrant that the sign we install will display the required DRE # or will otherwise comply with any other similar requirements. It is your responsibility as the sign owner, to make sure that the sign we install has the necessary DRE numbers displayed upon it.

We are not responsible for fines or any other actions that may be taken against you, as a result of the installation of a sign which does not properly display your DRE # or does not otherwise comply with CA law. If you have questions regarding this issue or if would like for us to modify your existing signs to reflect your DRE number, please click here for a PDF order form to add your License number to your existing signs.

Please also let us know in the comments section if we are to delay installing this sign installation order if we are not to put up without the license number added. Due to the backlog this may delay installation on the property by 2-5 days until the license number can be added.

By submitting orders via this website you acknowledge that you have read and understand the above statement.

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