Dee Sign Company Policy


All of our installers are equipped with cell phones and can stay in contact with our office staff. Installers have the authority to contact agents at any time at your request. We believe that communication is the key to a successful installation. Please give us a number that will reach you outside of your office, in addition to any office extensions that may route us to you faster. This can avoid delays in completing your order and guesswork for the installer. Our goal is to do the job correctly the first time.


Out-of Area Charges: In the event that your listing is outside our service area, a surcharge is added to the cost of the installation. Completion of a website sign installation request is not a guaranty that your sign installation location is or is not outside of our normal coverage area. If you have any question as to your sign installation please contact our local office to verify serviceability or out of area charges.

Trip Charge : $20.00 A trip charge may be incurred for orders that we attempted to complete but could not due to a wrong address, unable to access the sign installation location, owner refusal or for a sign removal order without a post to recover. Please advise the seller/buyer to leave the post where it was installed, to avoid any unexpected trip charges.

Replace/Reset/Relocate: We would be happy to replace, reset or relocate any post for a minimal fee of $20.00.

Lost/Damage Fees: If the post is stolen or missing or broken, you will be charged a "Lost Post" fee of $55.00. Please advise the seller/buyer to leave the post where it was installed. Detailed information concerning any "Lost Post" charge is available at any time by calling our offices or sending us an email.

Rental Fees: Rental Fees are assessed every 180 days following your sign post installation at a cost of $15.00 per post. It is your responsibility to have us remove any signs you have on the rental program or notify us of lost / removed posts to stop the automated billing of sign post rental fees.


For liability and safety purposes our installers are the only individuals allowed to install, relocate or remove our posts. We ask that you inform your clients of this policy before placing an order. Posts removed or relocated by anyone other than our installers could incur additional and unexpected fees.

Placing Orders

Orders are accepted 24/7 via our website or you can call your local office to schedule your sign installation. Orders received prior to 5:00pm Monday through Friday are generally processed and scheduled for installation the next business day. Orders received after hours or on weekends or holidays are processed the next business day for installation the day after. Out of Area can take up to 3 business days to complete. Orders requiring manufacturing will be installed the next business day following the completion of the manufacturing process. Occasionally due to scheduling, weather or other acts of god, your sign installation may be delayed. Please contact your local office if your sign is not installed when expected.

Please use our website and the on line map to place sign installation orders when ever possible. Please place a, free from our office, marker flag on the property at the exact location you wish the sign to be installed.

It is your responsibility to ensure that there are no Home Owners Association restrictions regarding your sign type and sign installation location.

Please provide your direct line (cell phone) on all orders so you can be reached in the event there is difficulty or questions regarding your sign installation.

If you have ANY questions PLEASE feel free to contact your local office.