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Post installation Charge $32.50
Brochure Box Rental $7.00
Lost/Damaged Post $35.00
6 Month Post Rental after initial 180 days $15.00
Refusal by Owner/Tenant $13.50
10' Tall Post Surcharge $10.00
12' Tall Post Surcharge $12.00
14' Tall Post Surcharge $20.00
Reset/Relocation within the service area $13.50
Stock Riders (Arrow, Pool, etc.) over 250 titles in stock $7.00
Trip Charge - Change order within the service area $13.50
Out of Area Charge - Work done outside of the service area
(Varies by Thomas Guide Page Number)
see map

We strive for 100% customer satisfaction!  If we neglected to properly install your order, you will not be charged any additional labor or trip fees.